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Harmon offers an extensive list of great services.

Firm Specialties

Select Harmon Financial Advisors as your wealth management firm and enjoy our fresh, thorough and tailored approach.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management process is not based upon lengthy questionnaires or a financial plan binder created to gather dust on a shelf. We've combined 39 years of financial planning wisdom and many industry best practices to produce an assessment-driven wealth management process that works. The result is a wealth management "dashboard" that quickly and easily communicates your current status, plus a wealth management score for ongoing measurement and management.

Risk-Based Investment Management

Like wealth management, "risk"is much more complicated than just filling out a simple questionnaire. Most investors are led to invest at the maximum amount of risk they can tolerate without regards to the purpose of their portfolio. While your maximum risk tolerance is important to know, we believe it's more important to understand the least amount of risk you must take to achieve a high probability of accomplishing your goals, so that you may invest with reason.

Flexible Retirement Strategies

Retirement planning has come a long way since the 1990s. However, the most popular approaches in practice today may be inflexible and make unrealistic assumptions about retirement. There are simply too many uncertainties surrounding retirement planning for today's popular planning approaches to be successful. Unfortunately, most retirees won't realize this until they are many years into their retirement.

We do it differently. We've adopted a rules-based strategy that takes into account a host of variables, plus your individual circumstances to determine an ideal base withdrawal rate. Your withdrawal rate and evolving circumstances are revisited each year to help keep you on track. Using customized reports featuring 'guardrails', we help you keep your annual withdrawals 'between the guardrails', allowing you to withdraw as much as possible each year without increasing the risk of running out of money.

Independent Client-Focused Reporting

As a client, you will receive two types of statements - broker/dealer statements from Raymond James and firm reporting from Harmon Financial Advisors.

Raymond James statements are generated monthly and are available online (log in here) or can be mailed. In addition, Raymond James offers 24/7 web access to your account information.

Harmon Financial Advisors sends quarterly statements to all clients. Unlike typical brokerage statements, these reports identify how your combined portfolios correspond to your Investment Policy Statement.