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Our Process

Our clients come from all walks of life. They are business owners and entrepreneurs, public servants and professionals. The single factor that unites them? An appreciation for living intentionally and investing with reason.

They focus on the future, always considering the bigger picture when making financial decisions. Because their assets have a purpose, they invest wisely and seek independent counsel from wealth management firms like Harmon Financial to guide them in a smart, supportive and proactive manner.

They appreciate the value of having a long term relationship with a trusted advisor to address their needs and those of their family. As such, we engage in a detailed discovery process to help ensure new clients are a good fit for us and we are a proper fit for them.

For new clients, we have a standard minimum portfolio value of $500,000. This minimum is waived for referrals and the family of existing clients. If you feel that your individual circumstances warrant an exception to our minimum, we are happy to consider them on a case-by-case basis.

Meet our team!

Relationship Managers

You will be paired with one of our relationship managers right from the beginning, coordinating all of our firmsʼ work and analysis for your individual needs, sitting in on all of your meetings and serving as your primary point-of-contact. Our relationship managers are key players in our analysis process and specialize in a customized area of wealth management.

Professional Partners

As wealth managers, we seek to gain a complete and comprehensive understanding of your financial affairs. Therefore, wherever possible, we will coordinate our efforts with the other professional associates in your life in order to ensure that the counsel we provide is both relevant and valuable.

By partnering with your accountant, attorney, and other professional partners we will work to increase tax efficiency, structure your estate as expertly as possible, and integrate our strategies to create a superior result for you and your family.

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